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Headpiece Jewelry

Headpiece Jewelry

Headpiece Jewelry - The Latest Jewelry Trend

It is often said that the Headpiece Jewelry you select complete your outfit and add subtle sophistication to your ensemble. But before you select your wedding jewelry and accessories, you should consider not only the type of wedding gown you will be wearing, but also your hairstyle, veil and formality of your wedding.

Headpiece Jewelry is relatively simple in design, featuring two main parts. Typically, a maang tikka Indian headpiece will be made from a single ornament with strings on either side. These strings generally have hooks on the ends of them that allow them to be held up on the hair. Sometimes a tikka headpiece will be focused on a large, heavy jewel; other times they are light and delicate.

Maang Tikka or tiara: The tiara, called the Maangtika in Hindi, is used to adorn the center forehead parting of the bride. Maang Tikka is now available in different styles and colors. Usually, for bridal wear, a Maangtika with a decorative center piece is preferred, with a long string. In the modern times, tiaras in the form of crowns are also being used.

The name “Maang Tikka” is derived from the literal pieces of the design; the tikka rests on the forehead, while maang refers to the partition in the hair where the string is held. The various designs and formations of the headpiece jewelry can be purely cosmetic, or can be specifically designed to hold religious and spiritual significance.

Indian Head Jewelry is cleverly designed in such a way that the jewel or ornament rests perfectly in the center of the wearer’s forehead. The reason for this is founded in a number of Hindu traditions, wherein the ajna, or sixth primary chakra, is believed to be in the center of a person’s forehead. In these traditions, the sixth chakra is imagined as being a union of two petals, presided over by the androgynous form of the deities Shiva and Parvati.

Every bride wishes to dazzle the guests with her bridal jewelry sets and attire. Given below are top Trends in Indian Head Jewelry for you to keep abreast with: Indian bridal jewelry holds a very special place in every Indian wedding and it is the dream of all Indian brides to get adorned with the best jewelry and look stunning. When you think of Indian weddings, the image of a bride decked up with heavy gold jewelry is the first thing that crosses your mind.

An Indian woman regards the day of her marriage as the most important day in her life. To make this special day perfect, preparations go on for months on end in Indian households. Head Chain Jewelry plays a very important role in Indian weddings. An Indian bride is usually decked up from head to toe in beautiful jewelry that complements her attire and her personality.

One of the most beautiful forms of Indian jewelry is worn on the forehead. Head Jewelry is highly intricate, valuable, and makes a great addition to any outfit for any occasion. The origins of forehead jewelry are both fascinating and evocative, because they are a part of longstanding Hindu tradition that features them in scripture, fashion, and formality. It really is amazing how much beauty this relatively small piece of jewelry can add to the most extravagant outfits.

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